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Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon

The sequel of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight which is New Moon had finally fed my imagination with livelier and meaningful ones! I'd been waiting for that moment to see the characters move and enjoy it to the fullest! Unlike reading, I see picture and motion plus the sound effects. However, there's better explanation of the events that took place compared to live viewing.The latest movie of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson was a total success for the film makers and actors as well. Many people around the world awaited for it and now it's hitting the big screen!

I had a hard time in getting our tickets. I watched it with my students together with their mom. The VIP cinema was closed earlier and tickets were sold out in the morning on the first day of screening! There was a long queue of people in buying the tickets and in getting into the movie theater! It was worth sacrificing though!When the movie started the viewers were filled with much excitement! So was I!

As a whole, the film had once again made me feel like I'm in my sixteen or eighteen who is filled with romance! While I was watching New Moon I thought about meeting someone like Edward Cullen or Jacob Black in real life situation! That was a crazy thought I know! Choosing and retaining Taylor Lautner as Jake was fine though people doubted it at first! On the contrary, there were scenes in the book that I didn't see. The part when Bella was back riding Edward before the voting at the Cullen's happened had been omitted from the movie. I'd love to see it again like how it was shown in Twilight! The things that happened in Italy were good but they've missed something.I expected to see it but unfortunately it was excluded. Perhaps they only included the most significant ones since they have to consider the movie duration.

Here are some more of the things that weren't shown:

1. Alice's feelings and hopes for Jasper while they were on their way to Italy
2.Edward and Bella's sweet moments while waiting for a cab to leave the Volturi
3. How Bella got the bikes
4. Bella and Jacob's sleeping moment in his place
4. Edward and Bella's sweet moments inside the plane while flying back to the Forks
5.The Cullens fetching them and Charlie's harsh reaction in seeing Edward again

I'm certain that my siblings too are very excited to see it! They're going to be fascinated as I was before seeing the film.I'm one of those people who are overly in love and passionate of this vampire love saga! Next Year on the same month, Eclipse is expected to give a big hit again and surprise us all!

The movie is fitted to teenagers.It's best for those who are able to read the book first before seeing it and a boring one for those who didn't.Well, they could have appreciated it if they have their own previews of the film,right?

Congratulations to the director of the movie and for the rest of the people behind New Moon!

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