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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

New Philippines: Aquino-Binay Proclamation

Today is a historical day in the Philippines.We had just proclaimed our duly elected Vice President Jejomar Binay and President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.With the joint session of Senate of the Philippines and House of Representatives, the two were officially proclaimed earlier today.

It had been twelve (12) days of canvassing before the said proclamation. Despite the discrepancies of the first automated election in the Philippines, 2010 Election was done and result has been laid.

I’ve just seen the Aquin0-Binay Proclamation held at Batasan Pambansa through the television and it filled me with serenity and joy that these newly-elected leaders of my country will formally start their job and do what they have to as what they’ve promised during the campaign period.

Hon. Aquino III will be taking his place at Malacañang Palace on July 1.However, details on his inauguration is not yet finalized and announced.He is the first Philippine president who is a bachelor.Filipinos are speculating if we are expecting a presidential wedding in his term since he has got Shalani Soledad in his side to be give back the love that he’s giving her.

After being proclaimed, President Noynoy had his first press conference.In his interview he said the first step that should be done is identifying the problems to be able to come up with good solutions .For him, inventory is first needed in order to find suitable ways in resolving them.He added that he would look on the employment.He’s going to make sure that the rights of the Filipinos working overseas are protected and not violated. He doesn’t like the idea of venturing other countries because of force necessity.In addition, he was firm when he said he’s not living in Malacañang Palace. He’s still thinking and accepting suggestions on where he would reside.

One of the good things I like that the newest president had said is the idea of reconciliation and even working with his running mates which will eventually lead us all to our longed changed.According to him, he’s willing to work hand and hand with people with experties, knowledge, dedication and heart for people even if they had worked for the previous administration.In his statement, Aquino’s retaining the current PNP chief. The bottomline is he’s more on the interest of the majority rather than personal vengeance. The aim of his administration is to uplift the least Filipino people that has been the common propaganda of all the presidents. We will be as fulfilled as him when this priority is make into a reality in his six-year term.

I’m one of the millions who is proud of his political victory. We wouldn’t want to have a president like Erap or Villar. Though Gibo lost in the race Noynoy has Binay! My first choice didn’t make it but Aquino is our second bet and it’s not bad to have him. We know that he’d take care the legacy of his parents: the late Senator Benigno Aquino and former president Corazon Aquino. I hope and pray that we are really starting our way to real sustainable progress and development.It's good to hear that Kris promised to behave as well. She wishes not to give Noy stress and headache.
God bless the Philippines.


Anonymous said...

it's nice to know the things about the philippines especially if you are out of the country, it keeps us updated and I do appreciate the post..... keep it up

ladyinpurple said...

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