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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Philippine Liberty

Lately, I see Philippine flags everywhere around the city.Establishments,vehicles and public institutions are displaying that rectangular cloth with white,blue and red shades that symbolizes the country's   freedom.Then I came to realize that  next month we are celebrating the Philippine Independence Day!

I was pissed off with the couple inside a movie theater last Saturday.We watched the last full show and the Philippine National Anthem is usually played before the movie is showed.Those two individuals didn't care about it!It's fine not to sing if you don't feel like doing it but remaining in their seats and using their mobile phones while it was played irritated me much!I don't know if they value the hardships of our fellows  in the past who fought against our  foreign oppressors just to regain our liberty! I held my temper to fully enjoy the show.All of us stood up and avoided unnecessary movements.I could have understood them that they might be unwell or they had got relevant reasons why they did it.But the fact that they were chatting at each other and pressing their cellphones assured me that they've got no respect for it.I'm sure that they were Filipinos and I felt bad about it.Lives were sacrificed in order to live freely today.Though Filipinos are still under higher powers at least we're not living in a nation like hell as what our ancestors had suffered during the Spanish and Japanese regimes.

To my fellow Filipinos please show our nationalism.To love our country is a virtue and who else would keep our enjoyed liberty? Following the rules in the country and  paying respect to Philippine flag are only small things and yet will determine the bigger things that you can do for our  native land.


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