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Friday, September 17, 2010

Myka Voted Out in Survivor Philippines

Myka is officially out of the game.In the last immunity challenge, Magan lost and was endangered.Myka got three votes out of five. She was out of the camp for two days. She wasn't there when her tribe fought for another challenge.She was rushed to the hospital due to excessive shaking of body parts. Her fellow castaways see that she's physically weak and she isn't a big asset in the tribe though she's the one trusted in their food.  

Before the voting happens, the castaways were able to answer Richard's questions about their tribe. Buwi said he didn't regret his decision for booting Doc Ferdz out. He believes they're still strong without him.Mico, on the other hand commented they've lost a big man in the tribe. For him it was too early for Doc Ferdz to be voted out.He added that the tribe leader, Buwi was to carried away with his emotions and didn't give Doc Ferdz a second chance to stay in the game.

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