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Saturday, September 04, 2010

An Emotional State

I had a serious conversation with granny while staying in her house.Yesterday morning we had a cup of coffee together and  I was surprised to know that she wanted to become a teacher! I didn't know it! We were both quiet when she suddenly opened up. She told me she's happy that my younger sister and I are teachers.According to her, she's happy that she has grandchildren who were able to accomplish what she wished for when she was young. Although she didn't become a school teacher, she's still thankful to God and happy for what we've become.

I want grandma to live longer.She helped us a lot in the darkest pages of our lives. I always remember her for supporting us. She encouraged us to join different school activities and she was always ready to give what we need for being a part of a program.She even made our costumes! In our village, she let my cousins and I to offer dance presentations to the crowd in every celebration.

I'll never forget her birthday because it's the day after mine.I put a smile on my face when I saw her first in the morning at the bedside holding my gifts and money as my presents for my special day.Those were inexpensive yet very memorable.Before we celebrated our birthdays together but when I turned sixteen I started having my own.The words that came out from her mouth are still fresh to me. She said I had to have my own celebration since there would be visitors in my age coming.She added that it would be more enjoyable for me to invite my friends and had fun together.When we had a joint celebration we only invite our family and relatives. She believed it was necessary for me as a teenager.

I love my lola as much as I love my mama.

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