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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fun Day of DSAPI Kids

A child's ordinary day was turned into a merry one with the help of kind-hearted people. Two days ago I was with the children of  Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines Inc, or DSAPI-Davao Chapter. We had a small party in Jollibee at SM Davao.

Generous people like Mr. and Mrs. Brodie gathered the kids in one place.Mr. Michael Brodie is a doctor and Mrs. Brodie is a nurse.These people and their company gave us a treat. It was in July when I first met the couple and had the same activity. They brought with them their granddaughter Jade who is also a DS kid.They want to share their blessings and make the DS children happy even in simple way. The kids were joyous to see Jollibee's mascot and dance with the music together.

Deo,Pauline,Cresten,Aurain,Alvin and EJ at the back 

 After eating, we extremely played at the arcade. They bought too many tokens and tickets for the bump cars. I'm certain the kids had a great day. It was nice to see them play,get souvenirs and enjoy the rides.
Jezreel Deo and I
The couple promised to see the kids again in December. God bless them more.It was great to be acquainted with helpful people who paint smiles on the kids' faces.
Jade and I
The Brodies with Lance and his mom

Their future mission will be centered around collaborating support for earlier intervention programs such as occupational, speech and physical therapy.

Mrs Brodie,Jade,ate Babes,Cresten,her granny and I


Paul Nowak said...


I have been friends with Elmer LaPena and Tony Pasia (the current and former directors of DSAPI) for a couple of years now, and I am a complete SOFTY for DS kids! I have had the privilege of giving a little support to the DSAPI, and it is great to see the smiles on the kids' faces. It is also wonderful to see the photos on your site! Please keep spreading the word about the lovely angels that are DS kids!

Paul Nowak

ladyinpurple said...

oh yeah? that's cool! The people I know in this organization in the entire country is limited..but of course in my city I got familiar with most of them..I'm only a volunteer and I just feel good everytime I serve them. I'd probably be posting more.We had our Christmas party yesterday.Thank you Mr. Nowak

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