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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah

Today my cousin Sarah is celebrating her 12th birthday! She's not here with us but we remember her special day. She was two years old when we first met in the Philippines with her family. She lives in Germany and last July was our second meeting. We met in Manila to attend our cousin's wedding and we were together again in Davao and enjoyed swimming with our relatives.

I had a great time with her. She's funny, very active and "sipat". Sipat is a Filipino word that usually gives a negative meaning which is naughty.But Sarah is not a bad girl."Sipat" can also mean playful and always do things with unusual acts. We mean her that way! She loves to do funny faces and that makes her really funny! She gave everyone a tag since my younger sister initiated for calling her "sipat" in Manila. Sarah thought about this tagging thingy when we arrived home after playing bowling with our cousins.

  • Inin softy
  • Mimi dancer
  • Bob player
  • Ai ai crazy
  • Lisa gaga
  • Tne jollibee
  • Poloy Motorcycle
  • Jayvee Istoyahee
  • Inda house
Here are some photos of us:


Anonymous said...

we really love you Sarah!! enjoy your day!! GOD Bless you!!
ate Jasmin, nice job! :)) keep it up!

Anonymous said...

happy happy birthday Sarah!!
enjoy your day! GOD BLESS YOU!
wir liebe dich! (we love you)
until we meet again.

Ate Jasmin. nice Job! keep it up :))

aloha said...

Wow! I remember that i was the first one to call her sarah sipat and now its really a phenomenon in the family... Im glad to meet her after many years, and i enjoyed being with this sweet playful young gurl...Happy birthday sarah and you will always be remembered...

Anonymous said...

happy birthday sarah... we loves u!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sarah- kuya Stephen

ladyinpurple said...

Thank you guys for the cooperation...thank you sa mga naggreet ug sa mga nagdrop by! (^__^)

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