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Friday, September 10, 2010

Doc Ferdz Voted Out in Survivor Philippines

The tribe has spoken and the first person to leave the island in Indonesia has just left.Magan's tribe leader Buwi was surprised when he was told to be the one to choose who's to vote out.I understand it was a hard decision to make.The castaways didn't expect it. All they knew at the beginning was that each one of them will vote.However the appointed one,Buwi,a guitarist from Parokya ni Edgar had chosen Doc Ferdz to leave the tribe.

It was obvious that Doc Ferdz is not ready to go yet. I could see in his face how upset he was. He strongly believed that he's staying. He was too much confident that the tribe leader needs him most among the rest. It's undeniable that Doc Ferdz has a bad feeling.Buwi apologized for voting him out.

In my own opinion, being one of the strongest link in a group is a good asset. Doc Ferdz is a good catch in the tribe. His strength is really needed. When Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown started I thought of him as a smart guy.However, attitude matters. No matter how good you are, if you don't have a good relationship towards the people you're working with, sometimes it won't help you stay in a group.I guess Doc Ferdz had forgotten Buwi's authority as their leader.Some of his group mates are complaining about his bossy attitude.

Dr. Ferdinand Recio a.k.a. Doc Ferdz is a 33-year old veterinarian and a TV host of Born to be Wild.


Anonymous said...

It was too early for Doc Ferdz to get booted out. I guess he learned to stand out and give his own opinion coz Buwi is a weak and soft leader.

Buwi wanted to unload the pressure of having another boss in the team that's why he got rid of Doc. He forgot the most important aspect like whose gonna be strong enough to get food and help in building shelter with one of the strongest in the team gone? hmmm! Good luck to them.

ladyinpurple said...

We will see then if Buwi had made the right decision in the days ahead..let's find out if he can be a better leader to his group now that Doc Ferdz is out of his way

Anonymous said...

Sayang si Doc noh? Natanggal agad sa game

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