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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Captured Soldier

I was waiting for my younger brother to finish playing online games so I could use the computer.Suddenly, I got bored and saw a book on the floor. Somebody has taken it and didn’t put it back to its proper place. So I decided to read a single story out of it. The book is entitled Chicken Soup for the Soul. The story is all about optimism. It features a colonel who was captivated for several years and got tortured- emotionally and physically. Yet he didn’t give up. A letter from his loving wife saying about their one-year old son kept him hopeful. That he had a reason to stay strong and be back home soon. He was uncertain with his life inside the prison. He had no idea if he’s still going out from that messy, dark and no mercy place that he was in. Sometimes he imagines how to live free in his own country with his family.Of how beautiful his life could be when he’s outside the prison cell. Through it all, he remained loyal to his country. That’s another lesson that I get from it- have a great trust to your country and never betray your fellowmen. Seven years had passed before he was released and his wedding ring that they got from him was returned which was taken on the day that he was captured.

After reading it, I went to the introduction part of the book. It says that a reader should read it with slow pace and with a heart so she/ he can figure out what a certain story is trying to imply. And it really touched me. In fact I got teary eyes. It’s like I’m watching a great movie that I was really moved! The story suggests something important to me now. I was awakened then with its lessons that I got. The story tells about a strong man who is dignified and never gave up to the test of time. He remained faithful to everyone. He’s been hopeful until the day comes that he was freed from a prison in a foreign land. I realized that I should have that kind of spirit that he had when he was in his darkest side of his life. When things aren’t in his control. When it seems that it’s going to an end. Yet he was filled with much hope and beautiful thoughts that something great is waiting for him if only if he’ll make it…if he’ll survive.

I firmly believe “there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.” Thoughts like this keeps my head up and continue to stand out despite all the negative events in my life. That Jasmin shouldn’t stop the quest, that I’ll be more stretched with the challenges ahead.To continue my journey.To run the race of seeking the things I want to learn and do.Consequently improving myself and  live a better life. 

It’s another inspiring book that I ever read. A million thanks to the author of the book, to the contributors and most specially to the owners of the stories compiled together for sharing us inspiring stories. Probably there’s a lot of people like me around the world who feel the same way too. I'm grateful for having this kind of printed material that is distributed worldwide. It’s indeed a CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL! A supplement that can satisfy its readers, those who are hungry and worried souls of today.

I would want to recommend this book to you guys.


Stephen said...

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ladyinpurple said...

I know you Stephen and your blog.Don't worry about it.I've got a chatbox on my left sidebar..you can leave a msg there anytime (^__*)

Anonymous said...

You're such a good writer.Keep writing........I enjoy reading your posts Ms Ladyinpurple

ladyinpurple said...

Thank you for the compliment (^__^)

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