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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spilling Rice Grain Challenge of Survivor Philippines

A reward challenge which is solving a puzzle was fought by the tribes of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown.The Spilling Rice Grain challenge allows the castaways to bring home some rice.Each tribe is allowed to use six gears.They have to solve the correct puzzle.They have to choose for the exact sizes for the gears to move and stop the rice grain from spilling out.

Nagar made it first. John's team saved some rice as well as Magan. Magan can get back three things which were stolen from them.The first winning tribe,however, gets everything stolen from them plus they have fishing equipment.The Loosing team, Sar Mayee was obviously disoriented and divided.Karen volunteered to be the one to solve but didn't make it.Sar Mayee needs teamwork.They have to strengthen their group.The tribe headed back to their camp with nothing.

Myka didn't play due to her medical condition. So Aubrey and Ervic need not to play either to equate the number of the players for each tribe.

Akihiro is allergic to mosquito bite and he's having a hard time fighting it. At times,most of them have sleepless nights because of the flying mosquitoes. I had the same experience in a camp and all I could do was wrap myself and waited for the sunrise.I wanted to cry because I needed strength during the day and I couldn't sleep.

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