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Saturday, October 02, 2010


Rainy season is at hand. Diseases and infections brought by carriers during this season is threatening our health.Common colds is the common infection that we can get in rainy months. There’s one more serious thing that we should prevent also- the so called Filariasis. The leaflet I saw yesterday while I was on my way home made me think about it more seriously. It’s not the usual fever that can  be treated  with herbal medicine.We go anywhere and sometimes it's too late for us to know that we're infected.

Everybody is aware of dengue brought by mosquitoes but perhaps only a few of us know that a mosquito can carry another threat. Lymphatic Filariasis can be acquired if bitten with mosquitoes which can transmit parasite into our body. If you see people with thickening and growing skin like arms, feet, breast, leg, and even sexual organs they are infected with this parasitic disease.We call this symptom as elephantiasis.

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