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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mighty Eagle Warrior

A new tribe is born! Galone is the name of the newest tribe in Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown which means Mighty Eagle Warrior.Galone is a Burmese mythical creature and Garuda in Hindu mythology which is a bird similar to an eagle  on which the god Vishnu rides.It  is said to have brought nectar on earth from heaven.Garuda is used as a National symbol in Indonesia and Thailand.

Sar Mayee and Nagar don't exist anymore.Top ten castaways have made it to the merge.They made it half of the game.They are all happy that they've made it that far.In the previous task,Nagar made it first in their race-like challenge.Thus, getting a reward which is good and helpful for the next immunity challenge.

Congratulations to the members of Galone tribe-Jon, Aubrey, Akihiro, Ervik, Aubrey,Michelle, Moi,Ahron, Solenn and Elma!They're on their way to 3 Million pesos!I'm expecting tougher challenges in the coming days.

Outwit..outplay.. outlast...only a survivor can win!

Who will be the first celebrity sole survivor!? Who do you think will make it?

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