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Monday, February 28, 2011

200-Pound Beauty

Being fat is a dreadful thing to some people. It's a nightmare for them to weigh more than what's normal for their age and height. There are beautiful women around us but they fail to have a lover because of their poor physical build-up.This month of love, you would probably enjoy watching this romantic comedy!

Hanna (Kim Ah-Joong) of 200-Pound Beauty movie feels hopeless for being overweight. She's a talented singer but she can't be on stage since she weighs 200 pounds!She's overly in love with her talent manager, Sang-jun. She does lip-sync to Ammy, a sexy and beautiful yet untalented  woman. Ammy got jealous of the attention that Hanna is getting from Sang-jun so she did something to embarrass the fat woman on Sang-jun's birthday. Since then, Hanna left and decided to have plastic surgery and was happy in her new self.

However, being sexy and gorgeous doesn't make things right. Sang-jun hates women who undergo plastic surgery. There comes a time when she denied her father and lost her good friend. At the end of the movie, the rising singer revealed to her fans that she was once an ugly and fat woman. The crowd accepted her but Hanna's relationship to Sang-jun is hanging. The movie ended in a concert with Hanna singing Maria, the official soundtrack of the Korean movie.


kim said...

hmmm... interesting!

ladyinpurple said...

yes, it is Kim... I had fun watching this movie when I was alone and bored

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