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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Classic

The Classic is a romantic movie with substance. The kind of movie that took my breath away! It's a love story separated by war, divided by a traditional family and disunited by lack of courage. It made me overly in love with it. Of all Asian love stories I've seen, this one has definitely touched my emotions intensively. Believe me or not but I couldn't resist watching it again in one sitting!

The storyline, the setting, and the music are just perfect for me!The classical story made me love it! I'm not a flirt woman and I like the main character.  I don't think 70% of western people would like the movie the way I do.I can't help but say that I enjoy every scene, from beginning to end.

There's a good presentation of the past and present settings. I've read a book that features almost the same way of telling the story. No wonder, I like the Korean movie. I've fallen for The Classic that starred Jo In-Seong.

One more thing I like about the film is you always get climaxes.You're being fed with interesting twists that would take you deeper with it as you continue watching.

The classic shows two  different love stories in two different settings that connect in the end.Although one part of it has a sad ending, the one that has the future setting surely has a happy ending. There's a rebirth of the  frustrated classic love story by their offspring.

"Close your eyes, when there's a smile on your lips, the one you love, loves you too..Listen to your ears, if you hear your heartbeat, then the one you love, loves you too" - These are the lines I can't take off my mind after watching The Classic. 

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