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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Philippine National Police Does Hazing?

Is this really a part of neophytes' training? I'm one of those people who were asking if this issue is true. But when I saw the video flashed on TV I can't believe my eyes! Army-uniformed men were hitting and punching the trainees and they were smiling after each hit they do! I felt pity on those victims because you can really hear their screams.If I've got a family member joining the Philippine National Police or PNP I'd extremely pull him out and do the best step to acquire justice. I can't see the point of doing this! If they say that it's part of their physical training then why there are trainees who testified that they had undergone too much of it?'Its simply because they are aware that it isn't allowed! Their family members are highly motivated to file administrative and criminal charges against police officers who practiced hazing during their training. Evidences won't lie! Looking at the video you can identify who those officers are!It happened in Visayas region and it was first seen on March 5.No wonder why many of my colleagues don't want to enter PNP nor any government positions. Strong Proof of Hazing If you could remember I wrote about the PNP's program called Titser Ko,Police Ko.In English it's I'm a policeman and a teacher as well.Can they really become effective teachers?Is working with this group of people will work in achieving the learning goals?I'm an educator and my fellows were invited to join the PNP but all of them refused because of the fear of the rumors about the training. I found an article and is very interesting.It says that hazing may be part of PNP systemic tradition.It's written by Rolly Espina at Philippine.com.You may derive your own opinion after reading this article.

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Anonymous said...

I've never understood the point of hazing. How is hitting me going to prove my loyalty to a certain cause?

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