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Monday, February 21, 2011

Dear Diary

It's so disappointing when we find out that the person we learned to value and respect for quite a long time would say things against you without knowing the real story. The thing that upsets me is the fact that she's close to me. I consider her like she's my younger sister but the words that came out from her mouth proved that I was wrong. Was considering her a good friend of mine a mistake? 

She surprised me with the kind of attitude she's showing now. I said to myself she's one of those people I'm looking forward to seeing in the future when I go back to Davao.Is being honest to yourself and to everybody a sin to her?

This morning, I watched a TV program and this is what I learned after the show:
Love is not a game to play with. It shows respect and understanding.Love grows. It's unselfish.True love releases somebody who is  imprisoned by it. Above all, the truth sets you free.
These things I guess are unclear to the person whom I used to share good things with.It tears me apart thinking about this. I don't want to hate someone who once became my good pal. I thought she understands me but I thought wrong. I just realized how narrow-minded she is.

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