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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Death of 3 OFWs in China

At about 10:40 this morning, Sally Villanueva and Ramon Credo were executed through lethal injection. A few minutes after Elizabeth Batain's execution followed. The families of the convicted OFWs were not allowed to witness the execution.At noon, they were able to see them again but no life. Credo's family decided to cremate his remains.However, Sally and Elizabeth's will be sent in the Philippines by next week.The families who were in China will arrive in the country tonight while Batain's family will be back tomorrow.

Sally's last message for her parents was to look after her two children and their  house in Isabela. She asked her mother and father to send them to school. It was said that the president will shoulder the school expenses including the children of Ramon and Elizabeth.

I felt grief for Sally after knowing that she was not able to talk to her children in the Philippines over the phone and it seemed that she had no idea about her execution today but accepted her fate later on.

The execution of three Filipinos in a row in a day serves as a lesson to Philippine government and to every Filipino who wants to earn much money in an easy yet illegal way. This event has something to do on export labor issue and security measures at the airport. May we all be awakened with what happened to Sally, Ramon and Elizabeth.They were caught bringing prohibited drugs in China's airport  but left unnoticed in Philippine territory.

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E•M•O•T•E•R•A said...

This is sad but we have to face their consequences.

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