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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Vol 1- The Awakening

The first book of L.J Smith's vampire series is about how the vampire (Stefan) who is born in the late fifteenth century meets the high school queen (Elena) who is very confident in getting every man she wants!

The story talks about the things happened in the past that is likely to happen again which is the awakening of a deadly love triangle among Elena, Stefan and his brother-Damon.

Elena Gilbert is beautiful, popular and modern. Stefan Salvatore is the Italian vampire who tries to settle on his own in Virginia and resists the need to take human blood. If the need is so strong, he makes sure he doesn't take too much blood to kill a man. Damon on the other hand, enjoys the fullness of his hunger and the power it brings to him.There's sibling rivalry between them.Elena's presence  relives the hatred they had for each other when they loved the same woman who transformed them into vampires doomed to live in the shadow...in darkness forever. Her name is Katherine. A German sweet vampire who exposed herself to the sun and killed herself  in the hope that Stefan and Damon would forget their anger but it worsen the hatred instead.

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