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Monday, April 11, 2011

Tax Extension

We would want to achieve things on time but there are times that we fail to do it.Things happen beyond our control causing the delay of our planned activities. As a citizen in our country, it is our resposibility to pay tax and tax extension is now offered by Internal Revenue Service for those who are unable to prepare their income tax return before the due date comes.For whatever reasons of the delay, we are given this option because our situation is understood regardless of the kind of tax return you file.However, doing so won't give you extra or longer  time on paying what you have to. Let's be reminded that this is done to give you more time on filing but not to delay payment.

We hate paying late payment penalties and filing a federal extension is a good idea. With the use of internet things are made easy for us specially in processing our documents. Personally, using tax preparation software saves time. It's more convenient and provides us with proper forms which are easy to fill in and send electronically to the respective authorities.

We do multiple things everyday and sometimes we lost track of date and time. We have a busy daily life but forgetting one of our duties is not an excuse so file now and settle your accounts.

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