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Saturday, May 21, 2011

American Idol 10 Top 2- Scotty Mccreery and Lauren Alaina

Last February I wrote a blog entry for Scotty Mccreery. He's the only contestant in American Idol 10 that I love to write about.I hoped he'll make it to the finale and now it's happening! He's been my first bet since the idol started and I've been watching him perform week after week! He's competing against Lauren Alaina, my second choice in the group! I'm happy about the result.Haley's good too.Steven's right, she sings sexy but I prefer Lauren's angelic and natural voice to Haley's harsh and growling voice.

It doesn't matter to me now who wins the title. I love them both. I believe in their talents, they're still young and I can feel they have good attitude. I like Scotty more when I found out that he's the nice guy type,a conservative one who plays baseball. He's not ashamed to say to people that he's a Christian. I also feel he comes from a good family. Good luck Scotty and Lauren!



Hope Scotty win. Never in Idol history that did someone have the same voice as his.

ladyinpurple said...

Yeah..I noticed the same... I really like him as a whole, not just his eyes and voice but all of him..he's my American idol (^__^) Thank you Joross

herut1001 said...

lauren and scotty my lovers i love you gise so much goodlucke!!!!!!!

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