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Monday, August 22, 2011

Kadayawan 2011 Floral Float Parade

Replica of an eagle, durian and lumad people made from fresh flowers and native raw materials stand out in yesterday's floral float parade!The Pamulak sa Kadalanan is one of the highlights of Kadayawan 2011 Festival. Dabawenyos filled the major streets of Davao to see these parade of bountiful flowers that are found in Davao.

Filipino celebrities normally participated in this event.Coco Martin, Melissa Ricks, Enchong Dee, Erich Gonzales, Lauren Young, Marian Rivera, Sid Lucero, Roxanne Barcelo and the rest of the cast of Amaya were just a meter away from me. They are not definitely the main reason why I came to downtown area.It's just a bonus for me.

I'm more on seeing what the people of Davao have come up out of the resources that we have.The different flowers I saw yesterday made me totally happy!

I have lived in Davao for quarter of a century but I just fully enjoyed the view on Pamulak sa Kadalanan. I used to watch it on TV but to be with my fellow Dabawenyos feels different. There's pride and belonging I feel within.

Exposing myself under the heat of the sun is awfully uncomfortable.But seeing the photos I took as I head back home made me forget how pink my nose and cheeks were! I was awed with the Avatar-inspired float! Unluckily I didn't have a good shot of the said entry so I can't add it here. Mabuhay ang Kadayawan 2011 Festival!


kim said...

wow! very pretty... i wish i could go to Davao someday.. i supported you!

ladyinpurple said...

Thank you Kim.I wish the same for you Kim..

Ina-Tatay said...

Hi! Taga Davao pud diay ka? :) dropped by here and enjoyed my stay. Will be grateful if you could visit me too. Salamat!

ladyinpurple said...

Certified bisdak jud ko. Thank you and it's nice to hear that you had fun landing on my page.Will be there on yours too Ina!

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