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Friday, September 09, 2011

Crocodile Lolong

A 21-foot female saltwater crocodile that was believed to have eaten a carabao and a fisherman is finally captured alive in Barangay Nueva, Bunawan Agusan del Sur. I heard this reptile that weighs a tonne can break a world record with its size. It can be the  biggest living crocodile in the world. Government officials say that it can attract visitors and boost tourism in their vicinity.Residents of the province are happy when 'lolong' was captured. It is named after a person who died in pursuing its captivity. 

The people of Agusan del Sur fear a bigger crocodile in the area that roams freely and threatens to harm. Captors prepare a good strategy to keep the people safe. It's an animal right to keep her alive. Officials have moved lolong to its new home where curious individuals can watch and take a photo of the rising croc in the province.

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