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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye and Thank You 2011

Today marks the last hours of 2011. The year when I had hurtful experiences. Doubts come that I started to search myself. I keep on planning things for myself trying to find what I really want but I ended up setting my personal desires aside.Months passed and I carefully weighed the bad things happened and decided to forget about my pride and start over again. I admit I hurt people and I want to repair what has been broken.

On the other hand, this year has partially filled the emptiness in my heart when I found  my new spiritual family. In addition, I realized it's a good thing to free myself from an unhealthy relationship. Now, my focus is on my spiritual growth, family, genuine friends, career, social participation and volunteer work.

Despite all the negative things, 2011 has opened my heart again. I realized I am really blessed with amazing people and should start counting all the blessing the year has given me.With all the material resources I enjoy I am able to do things better and helping becomes easy. To have the chance to visit new places in Manila, Davao and Surigao before 2011 closes even makes me happier!

I am actually excited to write my new experiences in 2012! In the coming year I expect more wonderful things to come! Happy moments to happen.I can't wait for the planned activities we have! Major things will happen and it makes my heart pump faster!New Year means having new experiences to define who I am.

Sorting my clothes, doing general house clean-up and making myself clean are the usual things we do before new year comes. Mom gives away our old clothing, bags and shoes so we have to decide which would go for donations. On the contrary, the most important thing of all is to check our hearts, renew our minds and do better things in every situation. My mom inculcate in us that physical change is not good enough for a change but to have the heart with love, compassion, joy and thanksgiving is more desirable.

December has been a busy month for me that I had no time to publish posts. I've attended Christmas parties here and there. I enjoyed being with my nieces for their school's Christmas activities. I tried my best not to miss the invitations I get from different organization. I've attended reunions and was happy to see old faces. It was nice to hear stories from my classmates in grade school,high school and college.Most importantly I celebrated my birthday!
photo taken by my sister  at Mana Davao
Happy New Year friends! Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous one!

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