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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Enchanted River

The stunning blue lagoon that has a captivating beauty found in Barangay Talisay, Hinatuan  Surigao del Sur is the Echanted River. The name of the river is coined from the wonder it brings to the people. They say  nobody has ever gone to the deepest part of it. Enchanted River is like a small paradise hidden behind tall trees in a mountainous area.It's clear and partly salty water that connects to the Pacific Sea has given me a wonderful swimming experience before November ends last year. December had been a busy month for me so I had no time to share this right after we visited Surigao.
I enjoyed every moment when I was there. I didn't use my life jacket because I could hardly swim. The water current is strong and it's stronger in the shallow part. I jumped into the crystal clear water that nobody knows how deep.
At lunchtime all the people are required to get out of the water for the feeding time of the fish. The fish are fed with background music and it makes you think that they are showing respect to whoever and whatever creature that keeps Enchanted River a protected area.
Hearsay is pass on from generation to generation that the river remained enchanting because it is preserved by supernatural. It is believed that fairies stay there and make it their home.We were lucky to have an underwater camera! It makes our memories and weekend excursion more awesome!

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