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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Miss Earth USA 2011 Nicole Lynn Kelley's Facebook Issue

I won't say Philippines is not noisy. Some streets in my country indeed are because of the number of jeepneys that run. I admit the cities in the Philippine are  not as clean as those in the states of America but Miss Earth USA 2011 Nicole Lynn Kelley's post on Facebook shows partly of her personality .We have the freedom to express our own opinion but it's a matter of how you deliver it. Each one of us is entitled of our own ideas but isn't it nice to be able to do it without hurting the feelings of other people?

Ms Kelley should have been more careful. Filipinos are everywhere around the globe. I understand other people's reaction when they say that some of us are overreacting about the issue. We are aware of our situation but it's seems like a slap on our face to read her post. Normally, Filipinos would develop outrage.Perhaps, some Filipinos don't want the bad things in the past to happen again when foreigners tried to invade the island of the Philippines. Having this kind of sensitivity is a result of severe patriotism that even words could call Filipinos' attention.
Miss Earth pageant promotes environmental awareness with the help of crowned beauties as their ambassadress.She's a certified public figure the moment she won as Ms Earth USA. She could have said it discreetly.I hope she learns her lesson. She has a year to enjoy her title. Visiting different places and meeting different people is something she has to deal with.

This is another lesson that we should take seriously in using social networking sites. Be responsible of your own action. We are free to post whatever we want on our facebook wall but we should remember who read them and be ready of the consequences later on. Use facebook as an outlet to encourage people. Speak of love and life to enlighten people who may be so desperate. You may be the one who could turned his bad emotions into a good one and not to stir up arguments/fight. Ms Nicole Lynn Kelley apologized on youtube but it seems like more people are not convinced.

I'm a woman and I admire women with natural beauty but personally, inner beauty shines more. A beautiful face fades but not the character that describes who you are as an individual.Bear in mind that you'll be remembered on how you live your life and how you made people feel.

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