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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Davao Pearl Farm Resort

I just found out that I was not able to publish this post! It's been sleeping in my draft folder! I didn't realize that I forgot to finish my review. It's been two years now!I went to the popular beach in Davao with a kind woman.She has chosen me to be with her on that day.I thank her for doing it. She knows I love swimming.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao is one of the nicest and coolest beaches I've ever been.The one in Panglao Island is also great! It can take your breath away and I'm proud that in Mindanao we have this fantastic place where you can spend a day with your love ones.Pearl Farm is not crowded.They control the number of people visiting the resort daily.The food is decent.Moreover, you can do different aqua sports! We wanted to try jet skiing but there was no more available for us. We tried banana boat ride instead.
Malipano Island is still a part of Pearl Farm. It's truly magnificent. The water is so clear and inviting! The stunning view of the area made me forget my worries in life.

For newlyweds, it's definitely a marvelous place to go on a honeymoon!

Don't leave Davao without experiencing the joy to be there. Grab the chance to have a tranquil setting. Savor the calmness and quietness it gives you while filling your eyes with natural beauty. I feel like a child when I was there and whole body massage completed our breathtaking experience!


kimmy said...

BEAUTIFUL! wish i could go there in person someday, :D

ladyinpurple said...

Someday Kim and let me know when you get there!

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