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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Light Over Darkness

The season of lent is observed to commemorate the greatest form of love that the world receive. Christians believe that the Heavenly Father has sacrificed His only Son to redeem the sins of this world. Every time I have problems I always compare mine to what Jesus has experienced on earth  in the hands of men. Sometimes my heartaches almost tear me apart.Yes it breaks me but remembering what my Creator has undergone, I regain my strength and see my life with Him along my way.The things He did before He was crucified were way too much compared to my difficulties in life. So, I'm now carrying my own cross with a hopeful heart. 

People are not perfect. So is our life. Struggles come to test us. To check our faith and prove what has to be proven. We face problems. What I want is to have that courage to accept things and continue to move forward despite having these negative things in my life.

I do believe that God will never stop blessing and keeping my family.

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