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Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Saint '98 Reunion

It was fourteen years ago when I left my Grade school Alma Matter.Many things happened in San Roque Central Elementary School that I don't want to remember. Some of my classmates would  keep my school stuff,take my money allowance and the guys would hit the girls.I have had bad teachers too. I can't fully remember everyone. It's hard for me to recall all my classmates. Those who are in Top 10 and my close friends are retained in my head though.

My batch mates have been seeing each other. In fact they have attended our reunion twice already. I wasn't ready then to see and join them. I was afraid of something. I wasn't strong enough to face them. I don't know what they think about me or how they have remembered me. Most importantly, I'm scared of seeing those people who have hurt me.
But last weekend's gathering has changed my mind about them.I was wrong when I thought that it's going to be a boring get together that's why I didn't take some pictures.We play games by the beach, swim,sing and eat together. We also decided to go to the falls to get ourselves refreshed.The sun shines so bright and we feel so warm. It was fun to remember our experiences in the past. We laugh altogether talking about our teachers!
People change and we should open our mind about it. I am truly happy to see them again and they are very accommodating. They have welcomed me and I have no regrets spending time with them. There are some who who are unable to come since they work abroad and live far from Davao.Others have very important things to attend to but they give their share by sponsoring our food.

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