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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Philippine Independence Day

On the 12th day of June, my country celebrates its National Independence. Since it's holiday and everybody's free to go out I went to Samal Island. My family and friends are invited to go to a private resort where everything is unlimited! We enjoy the food,the drinks and kayaking for free and as long as we want!God bless the couple for sharing their material blessings to us.They even shoulder our travel expenses.Their floating hut is super cool!
We rode on a speedboat. It was nice to get on it with my companions.We enjoy seeing the green mountains and the rushing waters. I've been to some places on that island but it was my first time to visit Balet where the resort is located.
Swimming and snorkeling is the most enjoyable for me. It feels so great to see the corals! They're like colorful flowers under my feet.If uncle Dodong didn't get near me and called my attention I wouldn't realize that I was getting far from them.The water current was very strong then.
There's kayak contest and prizes are given to the winners. We had fun. They're planning to go back there and have an overnight stay. If it happens, I will definitely take a picture of the corals. The underwater camera went lobat before I did snorkeling.It really pays to have the ability to swim and dive underwater.
There's a long queue of cars in the wharf and it was dark when I got home.I feel the freedom that my ancestors fought for how many years. I wouldn't enjoy this kind of outdoor activity if it weren't because of them who gave their lives for our liberty.

Happy 114th Independence Day Philippines!


Bradpetehoops said...

Your a great tourist, have a wonderful day!

ladyinpurple said...

Thank you Brad (^__^)

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