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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Childhood Days

Childhood days is considered old enough, both physically and mentally to cope with the work they will be expected to do as they begin their formal education. Children at this age start to build wholesome sttitude towards oneself as a growing individual. What I do most in the day was spent with my playmates. At this moment in my childhood days, I'm fond of watching movies and television series preferably cartoons and fantasies. My creativity was developing as I joined different workshops, games and dramatizations while at school. I can't forget the memories I've shared to my friends although we've been sometimes in trouble. When I was young, I used to play the favorite of all girls, the "bahay-bahayan". We're three daughters in the family and so we usually play with each other. We seldom play outside for we have enough toys ans stuffs to play with. I love that brown monkey stuffed toy. I have him for how many years yet he was given to my cousins since I'm entering high school.It was hard for me then to say yes I'm giving him. Wherever we go,I always bring him with us. I almost cry everytime mom would tell that we have to leave him at home. It's like that my heart is filled with compassion. I want him to be with me always. Im bringing him with me everytime even at the beach. I can't stay ok if I can't see me around. jajajajajajajajaja LOL. That was pretty normal for that young age. I still missed him. I saw him again when I was in my sophomore year and he's no longer good-looking. He's worn out. He now has an eye..he lost the other pair of it.Rurthermore, snooopy is my best and chosen character. Swimming and hanging out under the heat of the sun got my interest when I was young. I found myself to be a nature lover and I really appreciate the blue skies and the cool waters of the sea. The ambiance of that place was so refreshing to me and I can feel the cool breeze filling me. Until now, its my dream to do scuba diving to see the beauty and different creatures underneath.

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