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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Teenage Years

Entering a new level in education really needs proper adjustments. As to myself, I have done several changes in order for me to adapt and suit myself to the place I’m about to spend or deal with.

High school life for me is the most satisfying moment in my teenage years.This was the moment when I found true, trusted and guaranteed friends to be there for you. In addition, I learned the true meaning of friendship; of companionship. Although at times hurting someone’s feelings could loosen the ties of endless friendship.I believe the virtue of friendship isn’t finding the perfect one, but by trusting them completely, for true friendship doesn’t have an end…
When I was in my secondary level of schooling, I felt the mysterious and unusual feeling to my opposite sex. My first love was bestowed to someone who’s very precious to me. He made me happy every time I’m with him. He’s cool, friendly, cute and very generous to me. But sad to say he’s in love with another woman who was once became my close friend.
In my spiritual being, this was the moment when I understand the very purpose of human beings in this world. I increased my faith and got baptized in Christ’s name. Moreover, accepting the responsibility in which God had given me arises also. By then, it was inculcated my mind and in my soul that I had made a covenant with Him that was meant to happen that needs action and passion.
Consequently, unforgettable moments had happened in this stage. Positively, the grace and mercy I had received from Him. On the other hand, the strongest, the toughest and the ever-challenging test I ever had occurred during these years.

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