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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Automated Machines in Election Period

Lasts year's election is observed to be an uncleaned one specially in Mindanao Regions. Election didn't start at the right time because some of the teachers were not able to report to their respective assigned schools! Ballot boxes were missing! Some of the registered voters are not on the list! I'm uncertain if there were bomb threats to the schools during the election period in Muslim regions that made the residence to choose not to vote than to put their lives at risk. A solution was given by the commission on election as well as the senate of the Philippines. There will be automated machines to be used.After a thorough studies on using these machines, contract for the automation project, including the acquisition of vote counting machines, has been awarded by the Comelec Bids and Awards Committee. This is a good step to clean an election. Works will be eased. In addition, this is a great help in those regions where cheating is highly apparent. Lives will be saved and more reliable results can be submitted. I just hope that this coming 2010 presidential election,it will be a just and credible one.

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