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Friday, May 09, 2008

A Gift

This is a gift coming from our childhood friend name Jed. He made this for my dad and mom on their 25th/ Silver Wedding anniversary. He made it for them. That bottle really contains a real wine. He bought it then design it to look that way. My parents' wedding anniversary is every 19th day of March. That person-like stuff in that picture is wearing something that is a square one where Jed put his name on. It was sculptured. You can hardly see it because I didn't took a closer shot at it. That white stick is a small gray balloon containing his message. He's really artistic! We used to received special gifts from him. He's a friend to everybody in the family. Moreover, he's an architect student that's why he has the passion to create things on his own. This is another gift coming from him. I guess each and everyone of us got something really great when its our birthday or we are celebrating a very special event. He's such a good pal. He's indeed a generous and true friend to everybody.
An image of him with Aloha


Marlou said...

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Marlou said...

Thank you for encouragement! Anyway sa mga susunod na araw ay may new article me na ipo-post. From: cornerstonechurchsantiago.blogspot.com

ladyinpurple/jazzie said...

That's good (^_^)

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