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Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Sister is Back!!!

I am happy that I got to see my sister again. We are all thankful that she's home safely. My tita from Germany is also here . The family is planning to go to the beach this Monday and will have an overnight stay in Samal Island. I went out with her. We went to the mall and buy some stuffs. We did a lot of things today. We were able to settle the problem with mom's mobile phone as well as the digicam that was broken. We can now make use of it. Aloha gave something to each and everyone.Tomorrow the kids will go swimming because it's my cousin's birthday. Denise already prepared her swimsuits, goggles, life jacket and her cap. Her parents gave her a new sets of swimming stuffs. She also has her new sun block lotion. It's summer! The sun is realy up everyday! I was tired when we reached home. I check my mail and took a visit in here (^_^)

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