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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Learn a New Trick!!!!

I know you are wondering if this is true. I'm pretty sure some of you thought how much this very high tech gadget cost!jajajajajaja LOL. I had the same reactions too when I first saw these images! I was not reading the content though.I'm not shy to tell you guys that I once ask myself if there are already companies who are using these laptops! This isn't a magic or what. It is for real! This is just a trick. This is the the transparent desktop trick. You can try this one if you have your laptop. It looks better if applied in a laptop rather than in bulky monitors. Wanna give a try? Well, the steps are very simple. This is done by getting the image of the back portion of your laptop. Then use it as your desktop image or screen saver. Be sure to position your laptop in a right way to look like the above photos. As simple as that (^_^). Try this in your own and feel free to leave a comment and tell me if you did it right. See ya ciao...

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