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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

KC Visited PDA

It was aired yesterday when KC Concepcion visited the Pinoy Dream Academy. She shared something to the scholars. KC was telling them her experiences in life, about being the daughter of the Mega Star Sharon Cuneta and known Filipino heartthrob in his time Mr. Gabby Concepcion.According to her, it wasn't easy because all her actions are being watched and published! At the end of her statement she shared these helpful thoughts:
  • Don't be drag away with what you're doing because you're pressured.
  • Don't think that you're too good because when you think you are, that's th moment that you're no longer good enough.
This coming last week of August, KC's first movie together with GMA teen star Richard Gutierrez will be shown in big screens in Philippine cinemas! The film got shots from Greece and many were intrigued about it. It's KC and Richard's first team up!!! Speculators are expecting much about the two shining stars of today. The movie " For the First Time" will then conclude if both will look good together if paired together basing on the amount of money the film can raise.
Last week's Star Scholar of the Week was Bugoy. He felt sad about his two friends Sen and Van who are the bottom two and probationary scholars of the week. It's Van's first time to be in danger. Scholars Poy and Inaki were out of the PDA. Next week's Gala Performance Night will be the scholar's specialty. The remaining scholars will be given the chance to choose their own song in which they feel that they can show their best in that chosen piece of song. I missed Laarni's song number in ASAP with Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla last Sunday! I was in downtown area because my city is celebrating its annual festival called "Kadayawan".Hmmm better check it in youtube. I partly saw it when PDA slighly showed it on tv last night. She's really talented.She's got talent in singing!I believe in her.She should believe in herself more than anybody else. She can win the race and get the title PDA's Grand Dreamer if she'll do it. Talking about the PDA Little Dreamers, Kelly was already expelled. However, good news made her worry no more because a wild card will be pick up. Next week, all expelled little scholars will compete with each other. The highest 2 scholars will be back to the academy and have the chance to become scholar again.

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