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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Signs that I Love Someone

I listed stuffs that will tell that I'm loving someone in my opposite sex.Here's the list:
  1. I've got butterflies is my stomach.
  2. His presence electrifies me!
  3. I forget about the time.
  4. I think about him most of the time.
  5. He's part of my future plans.
  6. I think for good things for him.
  7. I value him much.
  8. I learn to love the people he loves in his whole life.
  9. I accepted him for whatever he has and for whatever he is.
  10. He's definitely in my prayers.
Before it was really hard to move on from an unpleasant break up. Time heals though.Having a broken heart isn't forever. Somebody will pick up all the pieces in you and make it whole again.Then you realize that the newest relationship is the better one or perhaps the best. Are you single, taken or married?Is your status complicated? Whatever it is I am hoping that you guys will have a wonderful, romantic and memorable Valentines celebration. Let's spread love to people for it's true that love makes the world go round.For it's the most powerful thing on earth.

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