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Monday, April 13, 2009


The movie Taken awed me! Oh how I love it! I like everything about the movie; the story, the casts, the sound effects,the setting and the part when the main character is willing to destroy the Eiffel Tower just to win her treasure- his daugther back.The movie is fast-paced and I didn’t feel bored throughout the show! We were overly carried away with it as we were watching.As a matter of fact, we watched it twice!

The story is about a 17-year old daughter (Maggie Grace) who was taken away from her father.Brian (Liam Neeson) is a retired agent of the USA and he has got amazing skills that freed her only jewel, Kim .She’s invited to have a Europe tour  with a friend and was kidnapped by a mafia.They’re Albanians who live and work in Paris illegally.Women tourists and travelers of Paris who were caught are addicted, abused and sold.Kim is still a virgin and she can bring a lot of money to the said group.Her father pursued the evil people and destroyed them all.He was able to take her baby out of that misery and brought her back home..back to her mom (Famke Janssen)and step dad.Kimmy’s parents are separated.Her father,however didn’t stop taking care and looking after her safety.

I felt jealous somehow because I’m not close to mine.Yes we were in the past but year after year we can feel the gap between him and to us.I’m hoping that we could still work it out in the family.

If you haven’t seen it,I bet you should! I’m telling you now that you have to! It’s a great one.I like spy movie and the movie itself suits my taste.As a whole, the movie talks about the immeasurable love of a father  to his daughter.

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