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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Gift

Are you expecting something that you can hold? The gift that I’m referring to is a lovely poem and I’m sharing it.

The thought of it suits me of what I feel now. A friend of mine asked me to view something and I found it great. I did some sort of reading and thought of posting it. It’s entitled A Gift Wrapped Presence authored by Noela-Anne Driver

How many of us fail the climb
How many of us fall
As we seek the truth inside our selves
We shrink and grow so small
I asked you Jesus son of God
To guide me all the way
With faith we need to make us strong
& words we need to say
Oh No.. my Father God please help, I stumbled….. YET again
And still you’re there to wipe our tears & pick us up ….Again…….
I pray for you to take my soul my spirit & my life
I ask you for the blood you gave to purify from strife
You gave me love & fed me scriptures needed to indulge
So take my baby hand my Lord & heal me of my scars
Your love is over whelming the truth is in its light
A guiding star that never fades you’re always in my sight
I felt you Jesus Son Of God please take me in your arms
And wash my sins & baptized me For I will do no wrongs
My learning curves & obstacles are fewer every day
As miracles and Holy love Lord shine & lead the way
It’s a flower glazed by sunlight or a smile from an unknown being
It’s the way you gently wrapped your presence as a gift to me unseen
It’s the way you always love me….even when I sometimes fall
And knowing in the darkest night, You answer to my call

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