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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

The very essence of Easter Sunday is celebrating God’s amazing grace.The grace that sets us all free! It’s a battle won by Him that allows us to receive the promises of Christ!When I was a kid, this holiday is not clear to me yet when I got to understand the reason of celebrating it I realized that all of us who believe in Him should really remember it! So, I guess Easter should be explained to children and not just allowing them to have fun like hunting for Easter eggs.I’m not against of letting them paint eggs and do related activities but parents shouldn’t forget that young minds ought to know the purpose of doing and celebrating it.

Holy Week is a significant observation for Christians.Yesterday marked the end of God’s physical suffering on earth and today we celebrate  the truth that He is a risen God.  While on a holiday, we listened to the speakers of Seven Last Words.It relieved me and it refreshes my faith in God.It brought peace in my heart and self-satisfaction.My redeemer truly lives (^_^)

HAPPY EASTER everyone!

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