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Friday, December 25, 2009

Ladyinpurple's Silver Year

I always thank the Lord for the life experiences He gave me. I wouldn't turn twenty-five with a happy heart and faith in Him if He hadn't found me. I worked on my birthday. I had to see my students since there was nobody to take my place. I didn't have a party at home but I was really overwhelmed and surprised! It's not because of the gifts.It's how people showed their love and care for me. I've got overflowing birthday messages in any forms! My friends, relatives, family, colleagues and students did remember my special day and I was touched by their love!
Believe me or not but I've got purple stuffs!!!! My students gave me a set of pens,a fan and an accessory.One of them gave me a cake as well!Our employer gave me an ice cream party as what they called it.My younger sister was sorry to give me a green shawl! She tried to look for a purple one but she was unlucky!I was filled with joy too when I opened my older sister's gift for me! In addition, my sisters in Christ gave me a personalized calendar and I super love it! Another year is added to my life.It would mean new experiences and new learning.Life on earth would probably offer me different circumstances that will surely change me to a better one. Celebrating my birthday at home and not at the hospital is already a blessing.I was admitted but I'm fine now.Having good health as I face 2010 is enough for me.However, God showed and gave me more than I asked. THANKS TO ALL WHO MADE ME FEEL SPECIAL ON MY SILVER YEAR!Above all, I'm forever thankful for God's unconditional love for me.
"Great things come in small packages"


gege said...

i can feel your happiness!
happy birthday!
and happy new year!

Chris Webb said...

great blog and posting's, looking good! :)

ladyinpurple said...

Thank you! (^__*)
Hope you guys had a good start of the year!

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