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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Face to Face with VP Jojo Binay

It was my pleasure to give the vice president of my country a handshake. Hon. Jejomar Binay visited our village and I personally congratulated him for coming over and for giving us the good news. The main purpose of his visitation in Barangay Governor Paciano Bangoy was to give the land titles to different awardees in Davao City. It's an honor for our barangay that the said ceremony took place where I currently live.He was with his daughter and Joey de Venecia III.

The vice president is also the chairman of Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) giving him the right to distribute Certificates of Lot Allocation. One of his goals is to provide homeless people with houses.Today, many people in my city are happy that their lots are finally granted to them.

I do believe that we can have better Philippines with Pres. Noynoy Aquino along with Hon. Binay. The vice president said that now that he's officially elected he will keep on coming back to Davao to check on things that he had promise during the campaign period. I was surprised that there was no media around! Perhaps he doesn't like too much publicity. Well, you don't need the camera to let the people know what you do. There's a Great One above who knows the desires of our hearts. As I listened to him, I learned that his name JEJOMAR originated from JEsus,JOseph and MAry-the Holy Family in Christian belief. Hon. Binay's family is known to be dear with the Aquinos since the families have strong Catholic faith.

We never expected that he's gonna come in our place. We know how busy he is to have the second highest position in the Philippines. My mom thought a representative would come instead of him.It was humble of him to be there without the media chasing him like the usual scene of politicians.

The Vice President with mom and I

Kay Binay, gaganda ang buhay. Yan po ay di malayong mangyari kung tayo po mismo bilang mga Pilipino ang gagawa ng mga hakbang upang gumaan ang ating mga buhay. Public servants are there to help us but the great change must start in us as a citizen in this country.

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