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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kadayawan 2010

Kadayawan is an annual festivity in Davao that we celebrate in the month of August. A yearly thanksgiving celebration for bountiful harvest with the theme: "Katatagan ay Kapangyarihan: Pagpapatibay at Pagdiriwang!"

 photo courtesy of istambay.wordpress

Davao is widely known for having different varities of fruits and flowers. Come and taste the sweetness of our mango, lansones, rambutan, mangosteen,pineapple, guava, papa and banana!
The city of Davao is popularly known as the City of Durian. We can produce different types of durian that help people remember Davao.Most people hate its smell but it taste good! The last event in the festival that took place is the Floral Float Parade. It features how rich Davao is for having colorful floats in the major streets of the city that make use of different kinds of fruits and flowers found in Davao.

 photo courtesy of skyscrapercity

We also have Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan.A street dance participated by different schools in Davao. To complete the celebration, the local government holds several contests that showcase the talents of Dabawenyos such as musical and cultural competition.

To some people, Davao is a very simple city.For them, there's no much thing to do in here.But personally I do love Davao! There are things in my city that I'm proud of. Firstly, the abundance of fruits, flowers and vegetables.Secondly, the presence of healthy marine life.Thirdly, going from place to place without being disturbed by heavy traffic.Lastly, the fact that our local officers are able to control and maintain the peace and order made me feel how lucky I am to be here.
I would love to explore other cities. I've been to some areas in the Philippines and I love traveling. However, I'd still prefer to grow old in Davao and see my grandchildren live their life.

Happy 25th Kadayawan Davao!

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