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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Venus Raj: Major,major problem

Yesterday, eighty three gorgeous women from around the globe battled for the pageant of the most beautiful woman in the world held at Mandalay Resort and Casino Las Vegas Nevada,USA. In boxing, Filipinos are known to be unbeatable but this time, a Mexican beauty reigned the stage! The 2009 Miss Universe from Venezuela Stephanie Fernandez crowned Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete as Miss Universe 2010! The rest of the lucky winners are:

1st runner-up - Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps
2nd runner-up - Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell
3rd runner-up - Miss Ukraine Anna Poslavska

Our very own, Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj got the last slot in final five.She definitely brought honor to us for doing her best to make it till the end. However, the 4th runner-up from Bicol gained positive and negative feedback from our fellowmen. Some people laugh and speculate the way she answered the question for her. But others just considered it as the English translation for Filipino expression which is " bonggang bongga!"Follow this link to see the video:Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj Top 5 Q&A

 photo courtesy of barriosiete

At this point, Venus' major, major words become a trending phrase in the country. Many people are imitating her lines and even in facebook people don't seem to forget what he had answered in the pageant.
Keep your head up Venus! We're proud of you! You're still our beauty queen for putting Philippines on top 5. After eleven years, a candidate from my country shone in the most prestigious beauty event of the world.If I were in her shoe, it wouldn't be easy to carry yourself in front of many people and stay confident all the time. It's really hard to hide your nervousness in front of a big crowd and that maybe the "major" reason why the Filipina beauty queen had chosen those words.I do believe that there's nobody perfect and along with our actions are people's endless criticisms.

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