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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Blog Action Day 2010

I support every organization that promotes goodwill to mankind.I may not give my share financially but helping spread the word is the least I can do.Once again,  bloggers around the planet unite for a blogging cause.Blog Action Day is an annual blogging event when we write about a common thing at the same time.It is scheduled on the 15th of October.This year's topic to be discussed is water.

Water is important.It sustains life and Blog Action Day 2010 is helping United Nations in promoting clean and safe water to drink worldwide.I'm calling the attention of my fellow bloggers to join us.There are 3 simply steps on how you can participate:
  1. embed an action widget
  2. raise funds for water
  3. spread the word
Hollywood stars like Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio,Will Smith and his son have taken up the cause.Let's make a better world.Sign up and register your blog.See that banner below for more info.


    Ty Bolton said...

    Yes, we take things like clean drinking water for granite. One of my favorite charities is world vision. I normally donate shares of a drinking well. Thanks for all of your humanitarian efforts. We need more like you in the world.

    ladyinpurple said...

    You do?It's nice to hear that..and we need a person like you too (^__^)We do our part in a different way with the same goal/vision.

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