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Saturday, October 09, 2010


I know coffee is a stimulant beverage and is liked by millions of people. The taste and the benefits they can get with it made them love it. It’s a good thing for them to drink it to keep them awake. I like the aroma but I don’t drink coffee. I can hardly sleep if I try to drink some.

On the contrary too much intake is not considered good. Too much of something is bad enough. At the university where I used to study, a 5th year engineering student died after drinking cups of coffee without realizing that he had taken much. He had nervous breakdown. His heart palpitated irregularly, lost control and died on the spot. He was with his classmates having their review for the final exam. They were all sleepless spending much time studying for the will to pass the final exam and finish the school year. That guy was an asset to their department because he’s an intelligent student. Too bad he didn’t make it.

I heard on a morning talk show that coffee can do lots of things more than we know. That we can still make use of our extra coffee powder. We can use it as instant fertilizer. It serves as deodorizer too in our stinky sink and toilet bowl. I was surprised to know it! You can also mix it with water and use it as spray to clean our glass and mirror.

We normally use oats, egg and mayonnaise on our face, body and hair. But coffee? I doubted it! I believed when an expert guessed on that talk show and showed the steps on how to make safe mixtures for our body with coffee as the main ingredient!

Mix coffee with vanilla scrub, honey, brown sugar and almond oil then you can have your coffee sugar scrub! Fine coffee powder for our face and bigger coffee particles is good to use as body scrub.Coffee can be use too as hair coloring along with egg and lemon.

What do you think?


The Social Web Analyst said...

Oh Yes! Coffee!! The many many uses with coffee. Yes, we must be careful how much caffeine we intake.

Even caffeine free coffee can still cause someone to dehydrate if they drink too much, because the oils that are in coffee. So drink water too, if you're going to drink a lot of coffee.

Good post, thank you for sharing. Coffee! I Love Coffee! Give me more coffee! OK, I'm done. Wait, one more time... Coffee! Yes! Coffee!

ladyinpurple said...

LOl you made me laugh with your comment stephen...I think about drinking coffee, the decaf one..caffeine is the reason why I don't drink it..on a research it says having some is healthy and I'm a bit worried because I don't take even a small portion of it.

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