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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Galone's Final Tribal Council

Things heat up in Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdonw!Michelle arrogantly asks questions.Nanay Elma finally poured her emotions.Galone's final tribal council opened up a very interesting discussion and interrogation! The final four have spoken and expressed their willingness to win.

Among the top 4 Ervic is the least for me. Solenn and Aubrey have defended themselves well.Aki is just true to himself.I got Aki's point. He would have played by heart at the beginning if he knew that the people he had chosen to stay with played dirty.

I haven't heard about Ervic much on TV.I used to watch ABSCBN shows and survivor let me know that he's Marian Rivera's former lover.I don't like the way he expresses himself.He looks so arrogant.It feels like he has less respect to people he's talking to. He won't win.

Galone's Final Tribal Council is not over yet.The continuation will be aired tomorrow. 


Bino said...

aki is my bet for survivor

ladyinpurple said...

I've been thinking Aki's going to win..he's my bet too (^__^) I hope he gets the title and Php3M

penghuni60 said...

I'll waiting tommorow....

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