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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Cosplay is the short form of "costume play" which is a kind of performance art. Cosplayers wear different costumes and accessories to copy their favorite anime cartoon character.It originated from Japan. The country is popularly known for producing a number of animated shows for kids and kids at heart.Cosplay is also done in the west doing their own style.

Last October, the children of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines Inc. (DSAPI) Davao were invited at SM for the MCS X or Mindanao Cosplay Summit 2010. The kids had fun with the costplayers taking photos with them. They got free lunch as well.They played games and were given something to bring home!

Check out their photos : DSAPI Davao Joins MCS X


cosplay said...

Nice blog post, thanks for sharing this. We are also the Japan based cosplay costume manufacturers.

ladyinpurple said...

cool..I'd like to say thank you as well for visiting and leaving a comment (^_^)

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