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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

People Power Revolution 25th Anniversary

Filipinos will never forget the day when we regained our liberty and democracy from Marcos regime through unity in prayers and courage to achieve change in the country. I've been in Ilocos and saw Marcos' remains in the hand of his family. It laid in a glass casket inside a dark room where nobody is allowed to take cameras or video cams.The family is still hoping and waiting for that moment when former President Ferdinand Marcos' dead body be buried in the Heroes Cemetery.

The current leader of the country His excellence Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino Jr will not be the one to decide in this matter. He assigned somebody to take care of it to avoid personal attachment with the case. If you're unaware, Marcos was Ninoy's political enemy in their time.Although Marco's denied that he was the one responsible for Ninoy's death in 1983,it was believed that the majority were convinced that he did the crime.

People Power Revolution is also known as the Edsa Revolution. On the 25th, we will remember its silver year.We will be united in commemorating the history in the Philippines that was recognized worldwide. Ex-president Corazon Cojuangco Aquino initiated the peaceful revolution that encouraged our fellows to fight for the restoration of our  freedom that inspired other nations.

The Aquinos have done remarkable change in the Philippines and declaring National holidays for them will help younger generation to understand what happened in the past and how important to live in a country without a leader like Marcos.The couple's image is printed in the 500-bill to honor their legacy and love for country.

There are planned activities that will happen on Friday. Singers and other showbiz personalities will be performing. Regine Velaszquez will do the song for revolution which is composed by senator Tito Sotto. Edsa will be filled with spectators and those who want to reminisce the first people power revolution.

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