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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kadayawan 2011 Opening Ceremony

The king of all festivals which is Kadayawan was officially opened yesterday at People's Park headed by Mayor Inday Sara Duterte.There was a mass going when I arrived followed by a formal program. The contestants of Hiyas ng Kadayawan 2011 were seated on the stage along with some councilors and the people behind the annual festival.The said event was participated by different dance troupes in different schools in the city.The park was filled with spectators and colorful costumes wore by the performers.
I caught an eye on some foreigners who were having fun while taking some photos. Lucky for them that they are able to witness how Dabawenyos celebrate our thanksgiving!

Mayor Inday gives the signal that Kadayawan 2011 is open by beating a gong.The moment she stops speaking we saw butterflies being freed and the dancing fountain starts to splash some water!That marks that we are ready for the celebration.

I had fun watching my fellow Dabawenyos doing our native dance. They remind us of how rich our culture is and the ten tribes present in Davao. The cultural show of differently-abled children from DS Foundation was the last part I witnessed there.

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